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"Rachel provided information and techniques in preparation for birth, as well as direction on the role of the partner and how they can support in the process. Her labour and birth support was the most important part as she provided on-hands support and pain management with massage and reflexology, as well as mental support during the delivery, so I felt safe and that I'm being taken care of. She offered Postnatal Debriefing on what happened during the delivery really helped me to understand my experience better and have a positive closure. She also provided additional information, and performed reflexology and womb wrapping which was a really special experience. 

5 out of 5 for providing information, advocacy and support.

Partner support-He was included in the meetings and she supported him in both preparation for birth, during the delivery and when debriefing after the delivery. He found this support indispensable

5 out of 5 recommended!"

"It was clear from our first meeting that these women mean what they say and are prepared to support in all ways that they can. I felt heard, held and blissfully happy I had them in our birth intentions which unfolded into the birth itself.

This birth was so sensory for me and it was the only way labour had any rhythm that I could trust in. I will always remember how [ @sacredselfwombkeeping ] and @thepresentdoula held me, guided me, encouraged me, massaged me, washed me, fed me and so much more. [ @sacredselfwombkeeping ] your magic hands and @thepresentdoula soothing voice are a blessing that I had the opportunity to receive. Doulas are magic."
Shared birth with The Present Doula, Merrewyn Alcock

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