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Temple Candles

Temple of the Sacred Self

Your one-to-one temple of release & reconnection

  • Mount Pleasant EcoPark


Arrive as the veil is falling or under the cloak of darkness and step into the Temple of the Sacred Self for a deeply transformative journey This private temple space embraces you with deep Sacred honouring and holds space for you to decompress and release what no longer serves you ~ before enveloping you in ancient healing practices & rituals You will be greeted into your Sacred Space and invited to rest upon your awaiting nest. Listen to your needs of your Sacred Self... perhaps she wants to verbally express or vocalize what needs to be released... perhaps complete silence feels alluring and necessary instead ~ all expressions are welcome ~ As you breathe, process, release... surrender to the warm and transporting energies of an essential oil or crystal-infused footbath. ~Allowing the waters to initiate you into your release ceremony~ Your Sacred Self then chooses which ancient healing art is calling to facilitate and guide your metamorphosis... Reiki, Reflexology, Yoni Steaming or Womb Wrapping. An oracle card reading and guidance from Spirit then seals your temple journey of transformation...

Cancellation Policy

Refund & Cancellation Policy: In the event of a cancellation: - Full refund if cancelled 24 hours or more before appointment due to commence - 50% refund if less than 24 hours. 50% Cancellation fee Please email if you would like to discuss any matters relating to a refund or have any questions

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