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Temple Candles
Sacred Self Wombkeeping Photo: @edgeofthemap

Sacred Birth & Sisterhood (Birth Doula)

* Payment options available *

  • Your chosen birthing space


~ x6 2-hr pre-birth visits to explore birth experiences, expectations, intentions, worries,composing birth plans, demonstrating relief methods, exploring birthing positions &discussing evidence-based research of all things birth ~ An info pack which includes: overview of care, birth discussion topics, reflective questions to assist in envisioning your optimum birth space, example birth plans, ‘what-to-pack’ list or a home birth prep list, postnatal care plans for both you and your partner ~ A gift of a Sacred anointed Motherline (vegan) candle to connect you with your Motherline or the Great Mother whenever you desire to call upon them, and a small journal to record your musings, intentions, dreams, releases, progress along your Sacred birth journey ~ x 2 Sacred Pregnancy Rituals: Powerful, bespoke release & embodiment rituals which includes: a guided meditation, release ritual, journaling time, an oracle card reading and Sacred Anointment ~ Company for up to 3 appointments or groups ~ A debrief call after medical appointments or interactions with care professionals ~ Access to my Sacred Birthing playlist and birth art to print for your birth space ~ ‘On-call' period from 10-days prior to estimated arrival up to birth. This includes 24/7 communication & I always remain within a 1-hour radius of your birthing space ~ Possibility to use birthing pool ~ Text support and advice 24/7 for both you & your partner, whether that be emotional support, to answer any questions, to vent to or to explore topics that you'd like to learn more about ~ Introducing you to others in your community who share similar experiences or online profiles and groups which may be of interest to you ~ Help setting-up your home birth space ~ Birth attendance: I will join you in your journey when baby begins to descend and will remain with you until you are all warmly resting. During birth attendance, you can expect: advocacy, reminding of your power, hands-on relief methods, oxytocin-boosting ambience, birth drumming, nourishing drinks & snacks, space-holding and safety ~ Exploring local & online postnatal support networks ~ 4 post-birth visits: birth debrief, home cleanse per visit, preparing nourishing snacks and drinks, 1 holistic treatment per visit, tending to baby, children and pets so that you can rest & refresh ~ Ongoing emotional & wellbeing support throughout our entire Please get in touch to learn more about how I can support you and your birth journey xx

Cancellation Policy

Refund & Cancellation Policy for 'Sacred Birth & Sisterhood' and 'Birth Doula': In the event of cancellation of birth services BEFORE pre-birth sessions commence, 75% of costs paid to be reimbursed In the event of cancellation of birth services AFTER pre-birth sessions have commenced, no fees to be reimbursed

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