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Sacred Self Wombkeeping

Postnatal Womb Wrapping Ceremony

Perfect for: reconnecting to self, source and the physical self. Realigning & Grounding

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An ancient, transformative and beautifully re-aligning ceremony which assists in restoring equilibrium, returning to oneself and remembering our inner self. Womb Wrapping (alternatively known as 'Closing The Bones') is an ancient postnatal practice of rocking, wrapping and binding mothers with scarves, shawls and rebozos, enabling a sense of safety, being held and coming back to centre. Not only beneficial for post-partum & postnatal bodies and psyche, Womb Wrapping nurtures and optimises wellbeing for those who have experienced any form of life-altering experiences (menopause, bereavement, divorce) as well as assisting in healing Motherline wounds or traumas. Each ceremony begins with intention setting, connecting to Deities or Ancestors and a thorough explanation of the process and journey. A warming aromatherapy footbath initiates the Sacred ceremony. You are then invited to rest upon the bed of scarves (and heated blanket beneath that!), before having a light Womb massage, being gently rocked and held by each scarf placed at specific body lines and being cocooned within a comforting blanket. During this inner journey time, energy clearing and restoring takes place through smudging, Sacred drumming and crystal work. Finally, a sacred reading, blessing or song will close the journey time and you will be invited to release yourself from the cocoon and meet your new self. There will be 15-20 minutes afterwards dedicated to you "landing" where you are invited to journal your experience whilst sipping a grounding herbal tea. **Payment plans available: message for more info** Please ensure you complete a consultation form prior to session. Consultation forms can be found under the 'More' tab.

Cancellation Policy

Refund & Cancellation Policy: In the event of a cancellation: - Full refund if cancelled 24 hours or more before appointment due to commence - 50% refund if less than 24 hours. 50% Cancellation fee Please email if you would like to discuss any matters relating to a refund or have any questions

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