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Temple Candles

Postnatal Reflexology

Optimising natural healing & recovery whilst enhancing postnatal mental health & wellbeing

  • Your home


Assisting with a smooth and gentle transition back into your body, this postnatal Reflexology holds you in tenderness and stillness whilst supporting your body's natural healing processes. Whether experiencing this at home in bed or upon the heated couch in my therapy room, lie back and nestle with baby as you too are tended to and guided into deep relaxation and tranquillity. Postnatal Reflexology can support with: ~ Increasing the body's recovery & repair process ~ Optimising parents mental health and emotional wellbeing ~ Enhancing sleep health ~ Restoring equilibrium between mind, body and soul ~ Balancing hormones ~ Boosting immune system support Please ensure you complete a consultation form prior to session. Consultation forms can be found under the 'More' tab.

Cancellation Policy

Refund & Cancellation Policy: In the event of a cancellation: - Full refund if cancelled 24 hours or more before appointment due to commence - 50% refund if less than 24 hours. 50% Cancellation fee Please email if you would like to discuss any matters relating to a refund or have any questions

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