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Pregnancy & Birth

"The whole point of woman-centered birth is the knowledge that a woman IS the birth power source"

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Sacred Self Postnatal Reflexology Photo Credit: @risen_wild_photography

Postnatal Reflexology


Postnatal Reiki

Sacred Self Womb Wrapping Photo Credit: @risen_wild_photography

Womb Wrapping


Yoni Steaming


"It’s impossible to condense what an amazing offering Rachel shared with us. She guided me from a nervous post-Caesarean and traumatised first-birth mind set, into a place where I was confident enough to have a natural home birth. It was a journey of many many visits, tears (on my part !), ceremonies and carefully observed and implemented stages and considerations from Rachel which lead to a wild and beautiful birth. She was open-hearted throughout , professional as they come, intuitive and strong. All the things I knew I needed to deliver my baby at home safely. She also dedicated time to my husband in preparation for an experience we were both ultimately part of, but clearly had very different roles that required attention and care. She offered a post-natal care package that encompassed all her skills such as womb wrapping, reflexology etc and much needed reflective time sharing the journey together. I truly put the success of our home birth down to Rachel’s input in the months leading up. Thank you Rachel for guiding us so beautifully and safely."

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