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About Rachel

To me, being a Doula & Wombkeeper weaves together a vast array of ancient practices and roles; it's being the wise-woman, the medicine woman, the channel, the healer, the counsellor, the mother and the friend. From the moment we begin our journey together, I am committed to holistically caring for you (physically, emotionally and spiritually) as well as ensuring that you feel confident, respected, valued, held and supported throughout your Womb journey; whether that be across realms to connect with your inner self or through the portal to parenthood.

As your Doula & Wombkeeper I am here to be of Service to you, to Honour you entirely and to Nourish you back to your optimum

Autumn Foliage


In February 2023, I completed my Trauma-informed Birth & Postnatal Doula training with the Conscious Birthing. Since then, I have supported in both homebirth & hospital environments; comforted with natural relief methods & held hands during medical intervention; held pregnancy rituals and attended clinical consultations. 

I believe that all birthing parents should have the birth journey that they desire.. whether that be at home by candlelight, in hospital with forms of relief or any other journey settings they feel most called to.

My role in all experiences will aways be to hold space for you and your family, to remind you of your intentions & power, to provide you with evidence-based research & information, and to nourish you physically and spiritually antenatally, during your birth and throughout your postpartum journey

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After dreaming of a local healer who I had never even met before, I booked in with her for whatever healing my soul had reached out to her for. It was then that I learned of my true purpose of my life moving forward; Wombkeeper.

I had already become a Birthkeeper and spent years journeying into my own womb-iverse with the healing and space-holding of Wild Samsara. I then ventured on the most enlightening, spiritual, exhilarating and organic journey I have ever experienced; Womb Healing with Sanctuary of Sophia, Glastonbury. Here, I trained in blissful Yoni Steaming, transformative Womb Wrapping and ancient Sacred Anointing.

Sacred Self Wombkeeping Photo: @edgeofthemap

Additional Training & Courses

The Energetics of Birth with Mitra Sessions
Drumming for Birth with Sophie Messager

Birth Emergencies with Way of the Birthkeeper, Evony Lynch

Aromatherapy for Birth Workers with Daisy Hart

VBAC awareness for Birth Workers with Jodie Gladish

Homeopathy for Birth Workers with Zoe Scanlan

Mindful Rebozo with Sophie Messager

Supporting families experiencing stillbirth and neonatal death with Sands

Reiki II & Womb Reiki (currently uncertified until I finish my hours!) Wild Samsara

Reflexology with Home Spa Cornwall

Massage with Home Spa Cornwall

 Sound Therapy with Centre of Excellence

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